my CV App

We will provide you with one CV and one specifically tailored covering letter or an application form. This is for those who have seen a particular role you wish to apply for and you need a helping hand to complete the application or a bespoke covering letter, outlining why you're suitable. In some scenarios (and industries), only application forms are accepted as a method of applying for a role - this is particularly common in the civil service and voluntary sector.

Application forms aren't used widely in the commercial sector although particularly large organisations may still use them for ease as they receive such a high volume of applications.

The difficulty with application forms is that you have a very limited space in which to sell yourself – so it's important to get it right and to ensure that the information you give them is specific, straight to the point but able to give them all of the information they need to select you for interview. This is why we think it can be useful to have a helping hand!

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