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Here at love your CV, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a tailor made service to each client, in order to make your job search as successful as possible.

Once payment has been received and you have sent me your existing CV (or the details I need to write it from scratch), the first draft of the finished product will be emailed back to you within approx. 72 hours (depending on workload).

We offer five different packages to suit all requirements:

  • my CV

    one version of your CV, plus a generic covering letter

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    £40 - buy now
  • my Covering Letter Plus

    one versions of your CV, plus two covering letters; this is useful to those possibly looking for more than one type of job

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    £45 - buy now
  • my CV App

    one version of CV, plus tailored application or covering letter, applying for a specific role

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    £50 - buy now
  • my CV Expert

    full review of your CV, experience and background and in depth rewriting of current text.

    Individually priced upon request

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    £60 deposit - pay now
  • my Interview

    comprehensive interview preparation covering how to give your best at interview, including what to wear, how to handle difficult questions and what questions you should be asking of your interview panel. This also includes a comprehensive "Guide to interviews" booklet which is yours to keep. Carried out face-to-face or via FaceTime/Skype or over the phone.

    Individually priced upon request.

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    £40 deposit - pay now


  • How to overcome interview nerves
    How to overcome interview nerves
    Oct 18 2016

    Interviewing is a nerve-wracking business. I've never met anyone who actually likes attending interviews, they're fundamentally a necessary evil on the path to securing your dream job. A bit like exams get you qualified or childbirth results in a baby, the interview is the unpleasant bit you have to go through first… almost like the test to ensure you're up to the challenge (given my choice I would rather attend 100 interviews than go through labour again, but that's a different topic entirely).

  • Why did you leave your last role?
    Why did you leave your last role?
    Oct 18 2016

    This is the inevitable question that you'll get asked in most, if not all, interview scenarios. From a panel's perspective it tells you a lot about a candidates motivation as well as any potential issues you may have with being managed. It can also be useful to determine if someone has no staying power. If a candidate has moved around a lot and cited "lack of progression" for each move, chances are as a panel that you're sitting in front of someone who gets bored easily.